Local Honey

Local Honey Benefits.

Everyone is always asking us “Is it true that local honey can help with allergies?”

Yes! It can, although it may not work for everyone. Local honey can act as a powerful combatant to allergies that one may experience during allergy season.

 What does local honey mean?

 Bees pollinate from bloomings to create the honey that we all enjoy. When bees pollinate from these plants and fly back to the hive, they pack the honey into the comb. When the bees are packing honey they excrete traces of the flowering plant’s pollen into the honey. As a result, local honey can actually act as a type of vaccine to allergies, providing the body’s systems with a little jolt of local pollen, making the pollen that you inhale less adverse to one’s body.

 Raw unpasteurized honey?

 To realize any health benefits, it is important for the honey to be both raw and pure. Many times honey is pasteurized and it is important for the honey not to be pasteurized. The pasteurization process negates any of the traces of local pollen that would be found in the honey.

 For this same reason, it is important not to put the honey that you are trying to use for health benefits into coffee or tea. Just take a 1-2 teaspoons per day… it tastes great and can help your health!

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