Early's Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham

Early's Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham

Our sugar-cured ham, sometimes called a “City Ham,” is a ham that is cured predominantly in sugar rather than the salt that is used in our country ham.

The difference between a Cure and a Glaze? 

Many people mistake a sugar-glazed or honey-glazed ham for a sugar-cured ham. A glazed ham is simply a ham that has a glaze baked on to the ham. This process results in the outside layer being very sweet, but the rest of the ham lacking in that same sweet flavor

Our Sugar Cured ham has a mixture of salt and sugar, predominately sugar, spread on the ham. The ham is then left to cure for about a month. That curing time gives our ham a rich, sweet flavor throughout!

Spiral Sliced Ham

Our Spiral Sliced Smoked Ham is sweet and rich throughout making any occasion even more memorable 


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